ZTE also announced good news: “1+2+3” 5G strategic vision was born!

As we all know, Huawei has ushered in the most difficult and eventful period in history in recent years. Due to its large number of core 5G patented technologies, Huawei has been frequently suppressed and restricted by the United States. Huawei, which is under the tinted glasses of the US government, has been maliciously targeted, and the pressure has continued to escalate. From software technology to hardware supply chain, from Google’s Android The operating system, to the strict control of the chip supply chain.

However, it is not only Huawei that has suffered from US technological bullying, and another technology giant has not been spared either. It is another technology giant, ZTE, with the same name as Huawei. Long before Huawei, the United States imposed a so-called sanctions on ZTE with a paper ban, and this sensational “ZTE Incident” led to ZTE, which has an annual revenue of nearly 100 billion. Almost paralyzed, and therefore encountered an unprecedented crisis of life and death.

I believe everyone knows that with the continuous maturity of 5G network basic services and 5G mobile terminals, many countries around the world have begun to set off a 5G network construction frenzy. After all, 5G network is a necessary basic service in the next network era. Network construction and 5G application ecological construction come out on top, and will undoubtedly take the lead in opening the door to the future 5G Internet of Everything era, and those countries that still insist on using 3G and 4G networks are destined to be abandoned by this era. So my country’s 5G network has been commercialized for nearly two years. After the four major domestic operators have obtained 5G commercial licenses, what is the current situation of 5G network construction?

On the afternoon of June 14, ZTE put forward the “1+2+3” 5G evolution vision, and jointly released the world’s first commercial pilot of wireless intelligent orchestration network, 5G industry cloud network solution, etc. Zhang Wanchun, senior vice president of ZTE, pointed out that in the past year, 5G has benefited thousands of industries, and the current 5G applications have demonstrated significant economic and social value. In the future, the development of 5G should be oriented to solve problems and create new value as the core.

ZTE also announced good news: “1+2+3” 5G strategic vision was born!

In this regard, ZTE launched the “1+2+3” strategic vision at the meeting. Bai Gang, vice president of ZTE, said that chips, algorithms and architectures form a foundation, and they continue to take root and accumulate potential energy; take wisdom and security as the double-chain gene to extend from the network to the business; the three aspects of capability, performance and efficiency are constantly iteratively innovated and released. The kinetic energy thus grows towards the sun and builds a value-centered world of digital intelligence fusion. In addition, ZTE also released the “5G Industry Cloud Network Solution” with China Telecom, and released the “5G Voice Network New Architecture” with China Mobile.

According to the latest news from the US statistics website Statista, more than 341 cities in China have achieved commercial 5G networks, making it the world’s largest 5G network commercial country, while the United States has achieved 5G network commercial use in 279 cities, second only to China. , ranking second in the world. This is also the first time that the United States has lagged behind others in the field of communication technology. You must know that in the past 2G, 3G, and 4G network era, many core communication technologies came from the United States, so the United States also dominated the global Internet economy. Development, many Internet industry economy, technology, etc. all originated from the United States.

ZTE announced that the joint operators have successively released a series of innovative solutions for the world’s first commercial pilot of wireless intelligent orchestration network, 5G industry cloud network solution, new 5G voice network architecture and AIVO3.0 digital operation solution, providing continuous support for future 5G development and evolution. kinetic energy.

ZTE has the world’s leading advantages in 5G standard formulation, 5G core technology, and 5G large-scale commercial use. It is an important partner of global mainstream operators and core manufacturers in multiple vertical industries. 5G ecosystem.

In early April this year, ZTE assisted China Mobile in successfully opening the first call for 5G messaging based on the GSMA UP2.4 standard in Hangzhou, providing a strong boost for the commercial use of 5G messaging in China. On April 30, ZTE realized 700MHz commercial product voice over new air (5G VoNR) calls at the Xi’an test base, laying a solid industrial foundation for the large-scale commercial construction of 700MHz. It is not difficult to see that ZTE mobile phones have always been among the first in the industry in terms of promoting commercial testing of 5G mobile phones.

5G development is accelerating. As the world’s major communications equipment manufacturer, even though it was hit hard by the U.S. blockade, ZTE continued to catch up with the opportunities brought about by technological changes.

On January 16, ZTE issued an announcement to determine to add 381 million A-shares to 10 investors at a price of 30.21 yuan per share. The total amount of funds raised was about 11.5 billion yuan, and the net amount of funds raised after deducting issuance expenses was about 114.6 billion.

According to the previous announcement, the raised funds will be used for technical research and product development projects for 5G network evolution, including technical research and products of cellular mobile communication network, core network, transmission and bearer network, fixed network broadband, big data and network intelligence development, while replenishing working capital.

ZTE said that this issuance will help the company continue to maintain high-intensity R&D investment, increase the share of mainstream markets and mainstream products, and thus improve profitability; in addition, the capital structure will also be further optimized, which is conducive to strengthening the company’s resistance to risks. Ability.

At present, at the inflection point of the fourth industrial revolution, 5G has undoubtedly become the key to the fourth industrial revolution. The promotion of 5G commercial construction has been elevated to a national strategy by countries around the world, and its importance is self-evident. ZTE’s end-to-end technical strength and forward-looking strategic layout in the 5G field will win the first-mover advantage in the fierce market competition.

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