What are the practical black technologies on pure electric vehicles

Pure electric vehicles, a model that represents a major trend in the future, many related trends of vehicles are the focus of people’s attention. When it comes to pure electric vehicles, many people associate them with synonyms such as intelligence and black technology. So on pure electric vehicles, what configurations are really called intelligent or black technology? It will be revealed to you below.

  What are the practical black technologies on pure electric vehicles

Intelligent vehicle system, which is what we often call the vehicle system. The common car-machine systems on pure electric vehicles have some intelligent attributes, such as multi-screen processing, online control of mobile APPs, and Internet-based related functions. Convenience has been greatly improved. Of course, it needs to be pointed out that many fuel vehicles now also have this kind of system, and the use experience will not be inferior to that of pure electric vehicles. This is a point that needs to be explained.

Intelligent driving assistance systems, in the early stage of the development of pure electric vehicles, will even be a big selling point. The fact that needs to be acknowledged is that pure electric vehicles are of positive significance for the popularization and promotion of intelligent driving assistance systems. The intelligent driving assistance systems of many pure electric vehicles are also quite intelligent, which can greatly reduce the driver’s fatigue under appropriate road conditions. degree. However, it is a pity that the intelligent driving assistance system is also equipped on many fuel vehicles.


In general, speaking of black technology in the true sense, at least for the current mass-produced pure electric vehicles, none of them can really surprise me.

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