Validating mmWave Radar-Based Autonomous Driving Functions in an EMI Environment

In order to provide a better ride experience, the autonomous driving level of future cars will be higher and higher. Self-driving cars will be equipped with more and more sensors to ensure reliable operation in complex traffic scenarios and harsh weather conditions. Millimeter-wave radar sensors are favored by car manufacturers because they are not easily affected by external conditions. The current smart car has been equipped with five millimeter-wave radars, generally including one long-range radar and four short-range radars.

The ADAS function based on mmWave radar needs to be able to overcome the influence of weather/light conditions and electromagnetic environment, and also needs to meet the test requirements of the highest speed and highest accuracy. Autonomous vehicles will face greater challenges, greater responsibilities, and more difficult means of verification as they evolve to SAE-defined Level 3 (or higher) autonomous or fully autonomous capabilities.

As a leader in electromagnetic compatibility, wireless communication and RF test systems, Rohde & Schwarz has designed and constructed the TA-ACE test system for the anti-interference test of autonomous driving vehicles (AV) in complex electromagnetic interference environments. , to improve the driving safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles.

Validating mmWave Radar-Based Autonomous Driving Functions in an EMI Environment

This solution is developed according to ISO 11451-2, and this EMS test is specially used for the immunity test of the whole vehicle. The scheme will mainly propose test methods for two ADAS functions (ACC and AEB). The ADAS function should be activated when the VUT is running on the test hub. Abnormal or malfunctioning ADAS function of the VUT is recorded and observed when EMI testing is performed. The VUT’s response can be observed by testing the wheel speed on the hub controller, as well as by monitoring the brake lights and any other indicators on the dashboard via cameras. One of the key challenges of the solution will be how to reproduce a real traffic scenario so that the ADAS function with on-board radar is activated during the EMS test. The Radar Target Echo Generator (R&S AREG) simulates the vehicle ahead detected by the VUT at a predefined range and speed variation. The Radar Target Positioner (TA-RDS) simulates lane changes from left to right and vice versa. These two subsystems can be composed to verify the VUT performance scenarios, namely automatic shifting in ACC mode and emergency braking in AEB mode. The TA-RDS provides azimuthal motion to the targets simulated by the R&S AREG, so it is possible to simulate vehicle cut-in scenarios, simulating actual road conditions. This increases the test range and reliability of the vehicle radar in different scenarios.

Validating mmWave Radar-Based Autonomous Driving Functions in an EMI Environment

The scene in the picture above is the sudden braking scene of the far car and the dangerous lane change scene of the far car, which uses AREG to simulate the vehicle ahead. The ACC or AEB of the VUT should respond when the vehicle ahead makes a sudden braking or emergency braking stop action.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the millimeter-wave radar of autonomous vehicles under different levels of electromagnetic environment interference, innovative automotive electromagnetic compatibility testing solutions and procedures are the future development trend. Rohde & Schwarz will hold seminars with detailed instructions. In this webinar, you will:

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l Understand the different ways to test mmWave radar functionality in an EMC environment

l Learn about Rohde & Schwarz solutions

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