The global epidemic situation is severe, Japanese company animal respirators are actually popular all over the world

Recently, with the severe global epidemic situation, many countries are rushing to buy ventilators. However, due to the high cost and professionalism of ventilator production, recently, a medical equipment manufacturer called Metran said that the Japanese government has contacted its company to mass-produce animal respirators for the treatment of patients with the new coronavirus, and other countries have also responded to this show interest.

Metran is also making ventilators for humans, the report said. Nitta said that there are not enough doctors with professional knowledge under the epidemic, so doctors who are not familiar with equipment need simple and safe machines. Nitta also said that Metran is considering producing 5,000 to 15,000 animal respirators, but he did not give an exact timetable for production.

As of April 8, a total of 4,472 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed in Japan, 622 have been cured, and 98 have died. The epidemic is still severe.

Nitta expects that the product will be in short supply after mass production, so Metran is also considering licensing the product so that it can also be produced overseas. In addition, medical equipment manufacturers in the United States said they would simplify ventilator design, and car manufacturers (such as Ford, Tesla) also proposed to manufacture ventilator equipment.

Because Metran’s veterinary equipment is simpler, less expensive to produce and easier to operate. The company is currently negotiating with more than 30 countries including the US, UK and India.

So can Metran be able to embrace this opportunity and bring good news to the world? This is something to look forward to.

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