The 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair will be held at the same time forum!

Electronica China 2021will beApril 14-16existShanghai New International Expo CentreDuring the exhibition, there will also be more than a dozen forums focusing on cutting-edge topics in vertical industries, coveringAutomotive, IoT, 5G, Smart Manufacturing, Medical Electronics, Power ElectronicsMore than 100 well-known experts and entrepreneurs in the field of electronics and applications at home and abroad will be invited to the conference to share technology. It is expected that the concurrent activities will attractover 5,000 peopleAttend.Whether it is industry trends, policy interpretations, or technical explorations and solutions, all can be found inelectronica ChinaFind comprehensive, cutting-edge, and popular technical dry goods sharing.

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List of forums in the same period

The 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair will be held at the same time forum!

International automotive electronics, systems and solutions theme series activities

Automotive Technology Day Summit Forum

time: April 13

Place:Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai

Main topics:

· New energy vehicles: New energy vehicle market trends and capacity analysis, as well as various segments of the new energy technology market; acceptance trend analysis; technical level and manufacturing maturity of domestic related Electronic devices; fast charging/wireless charging technology discussion and domestic Maturity level; battery management safety technology; application and development of electric vehicle integrated bridge technology;

· Intelligent Connected Vehicles: Discussion on autonomous driving technology route and key technology breakthroughs and development trends; discussion on technological innovation and application of automotive radar chips and components; LiDAR/millimeter wave radar solutions for autonomous driving, and the maturity of the industry Degree/level; discussion on sensor fusion technology for autonomous driving; 5G technology status and its application in autonomous driving

· Internet of Vehicles Security

· Internationalization of new energy vehicles

2021 China Automotive Human-Computer Interaction HMI Innovation Conference

time:April 13

Place:Shanghai Pudong Galaxy Hotel

Main topics:

The conference focused on the exploration of automotive human-computer interaction HMI combined with scene technology, driver monitoring system, multi-modal interaction design, user experience improvement design, emotional interaction design, intelligent voice system, multi-screen linkage technology, vehicle operating system, AI algorithm application and other industries focus expand

Some speakers:

International Automotive Electronics and Electric Vehicle Innovation Forum

time:April 15

Place:N3 Live Forum Area, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

· Automotive electronics: artificial intelligence and autonomous driving; automotive smart chips; logic control chips; ADAS and autonomous driving environment perception technologies (visual cameras, lidar, millimeter-wave radar); multi-sensor integration and multi-source information fusion; high-precision maps and positioning ; Human-computer interaction technology of intelligent networked vehicles; Internet of Vehicles technology; Application of 5G technology in Internet of Vehicles; V2X technology; Development of vehicle network platform; Simulation and testing of autonomous vehicles

· Electric vehicle: drive motor; charging pile; motor control technology; intelligent battery management system and system integration technology; power electronic converter; wireless charging; new energy vehicle industry trends and development

Some speakers:

Frontier theme series forum

“5G + Industrial Internet” Summit Forum

time:April 15, 2021

Place:Meeting Room M42, Second Floor, Hall N2, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

“5G + Industrial Internet” empowers the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

Some speakers:

International Power Electronics Innovation Forum

time:April 14-15, 2021

Place:Meeting Room M46, Second Floor, Hall N4, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

· Frontier Technologies of Power Semiconductors and Power Supply – New Materials, New Devices and New Applications

· Offshore wind power conversion and grid connection technology

· Intelligent Motion Control – Intelligent Drive, Intelligent Power and Robot

Some speakers:

International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum

time:April 14, 2021

Place:Meeting Room M47 on the second floor of Hall N5, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

· Under the epidemic situation, the current situation and development trend of medical electronics industry

· Wearable Medical Electronics and Health IoT

· Medical AI and 5G

Some speakers:

International Embedded System Innovation Forum

time:April 14, 2021

Place:Meeting Room M42, Second Floor, Hall N2, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

· Artificial intelligence: embedded AI chips, AIoT technology and applications, RISC-V ecological construction

· IoT: IoT Security Technology, Industrial IoT, Vehicle IoT and MCU IoT

· Ecological Development Trend

Some speakers:

International Motor Drive and Control Technology Forum

time:April 14, 2021

Place:Meeting Room M51 on the second floor of Hall N5, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Main topics:

· New trends in the development of motor drive and control technology

· Selection skills of electronic components commonly used in motors

· New Algorithms and Solutions for Motor Control

· The impact of the new national standard for energy efficiency on motor developers

· Key Application Market Motor Ecosystem and Features

Proposed speakers:

· Component manufacturers: STMicroelectronics (ST), Texas Instruments (TI), ADI, Infineon (Infineon), NXP (NXP), Microchip (Microchip), MPS, Huada semiconductor, National Technology, Hangshun, Jingfeng Mingyuan, Zhongkexin, Fengdao Technology

· Motor manufacturers: Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Nidec, Fuji Electric, Wolong Electric, Johnson Electric, Delta Electric, etc.

The 4th China International System-in-Package Symposium
Main topics:

· Development Trend of SiP Technology

· Future challenges for SiP factories

· Application of SiP in Medical Electronic Equipment

· SiP development trends in the industrial field

· SIP technology trends for 5G applications

Proposed speakers:

ASE, Amkor, Tongfu Microelectronics, Changdian Technology, Huatian Technology, Dongxin Semiconductor, NI, Jiefa Technology, keysight, Mentor, UNISOC, USI, Moore Elite

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