Tesla may launch a super battery pack to allow Model S models to travel more than 644 kilometers

(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla is known to be a leader in electric vehicles, and its Model S, Model X and Model 3 models also have industry-leading range and can rank among the top three in the market. According to foreign media reports, Tesla recently increased the range of its Model S and Model X electric models, and the automaker is also preparing to further extend the range of its electric models.

Apparently, Tesla engineers are considering larger, more modern battery packs to further increase the range of electric vehicles. Recently, Twitter hacker Jason Hughes revealed some information about Tesla’s upcoming battery pack.

“Took a little time to research Tesla’s latest BMS (Battery Management System) firmware, tuned to make a 450V battery pack with 108 cell packs, and a 109 kWh ( 400+ miles) battery packs, the new Model S/X/3 battery pack configuration will apply the new tuning recommendations.”

Currently, the largest lithium-ion battery pack Tesla uses in its electric models is 100-kWh, giving the Model S a range of 390 miles (627.64 kilometers). Up to 351 miles (about 564.88 kilometers).

While increasing the power of the battery pack from 100 kWh to 109 kWh might not seem like a huge step forward, it would help cement Tesla’s position as the EV maker offering the longest-range EVs, possibly with the Model S The cruising range is more than 400 miles (about 643.74 kilometers). That’s a reasonable number, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that the 400-mile mark could be crossed right away, and it will happen soon. Tesla is also the first automaker to break the 300-mile range in an electric vehicle.

The Model S is the more efficient, more aerodynamic model of the Tesla brand and can be equipped with a larger battery pack, potentially giving it a range of 400 miles. Because the Model X is larger in size but not aerodynamically efficient, it may have a shorter range than the Model S, which is expected to reach 360 miles (about 579.36 kilometers).

It is unlikely that the Model 3 and upcoming Model Y will feature the new battery pack, which is too small to fit a 109kWh battery pack, so only the Model S and Model X will have such a battery pack.

Recently, Tesla launched the Long Range Plus (Long Range Plus) versions of the Model S and Model X. Both cars have extended range thanks to software upgrades. Tesla, however, did not provide production deadlines for vehicles with and without increased range.

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