Summary of Huawei P50 materials: no Hongmeng, secret tricks

After the Mate 40 series, Huawei’s next flagship is naturally the P50 series. Although the situation is unfavorable, the new machine will not be absent, and the specifications will be more refined.

Digital blogger @宋景亭 has exposed as many as 15 fierce materials of the P50 series, let’s take a look:

1. The refresh rate is 90Hz for the normal version and 120Hz for the high-end version.

2. The rear Leica film multi-camera, the specifications are similar to the Mate 40 series, but the binocular zoom is increased from 100 times to 200 times.

3. The processor is planned to be equipped with Kirin 9000 and Kirin 9000E, similar to the Mate 40 series.

4. Supports operations such as pressing, taking screenshots, answering calls, and sliding in the air.

5. Fast charging, the normal version supports 66W wired and 50W wireless; the 135W exposed on the Internet is still under consideration, involving issues of battery density and durability.

6. The screen is basically determined to be punched in the center, and the aperture is very small.

7. The screen quality is not lower than the best in the history of Xiaomi Mi 11.

8. There is no Hongmeng OS 2.0 for the time being, and continue to use EMUI 11.

9. Equipped with four surround speakers.

10. The vibration motor has been upgraded.

11. The pictures exposed on the Internet are fake.

12. Except for the standard version, they are all front and rear hyperboloid fuselage.

13. There are many colors, but no plain leather.

14. The body is thinner than the Mate 40.

15. The conference will continue to be hosted by Yu Chengdong, and the scale is no less than that of the Mate 40 conference.

16. There is also a very ruthless function, which is strictly confidential.

What are you most looking forward to?

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