STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated Wireless Charging ICs That Dramatically Improve Power Transmission and Charging Energy Efficiency and Reduce Bill-of-Material Costs

China, February 27, 2020 – In the era of 5G communications where the demand for high power and high energy efficiency is increasing, STMicroelectronics has launched the STWLC68 series products, bringing industry-leading, safe and reliable high transmission energy efficiency to the market. Wireless charging solutions.

ST’s latest wireless charging products can be used as both high-power receivers and power transmitters, enabling fast power delivery and power sharing, and featuring FOD (Foreign Object Detection) and other important STMicroelectronics proprietary Security IP technology.

ST’s proprietary high-voltage technology, coupled with outstanding mixed-signal design and comprehensive quality assurance, enables customers to develop and deliver state-of-the-art wireless charging products to the market.

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The STWLC68 series products are highly integrated and require few external components (BoM), and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small wearable devices to larger products such as smartphones and tablet computers. STWLC68 complies with the WPC Qi 1.2.4 wireless charging standard and is fully compatible with all Qi certified devices on the market.

The STWLC68 integrates a full-featured low-impedance, high-voltage synchronous rectifier and low-dropout linear regulator for high energy efficiency and low power dissipation, which are critical for applications that are highly sensitive to unwanted heat build-up.

The on-chip I2C interface supports custom firmware and platform parameters in the chip, and can save configuration parameters to the internal OTP memory. Additional firmware patches increase the application flexibility of the IC.

In order to meet a wider range of application requirements, the STWLC68 series is suitable for solutions from 0W to 5W and below 5W. For example, the STWLC68JRH is specially designed for low power applications.

The new products include two evaluation boards, STEVAL-ISB68RX and STEVAL-ISB68WA, which facilitate developers to develop and evaluate STWLC68JRH prototypes in standard 5W and PCB area-sensitive 2.5W low-power applications. The evaluation kit is easy to use and features a pin header socket interface for easy connection to GPIO pins and other important signals. A USB breakout board is included with the board for configuring the chip registers.

The STWLC68JRH is in production now in a 3.29mm x 3.7mm x 0.6mm, 72-ball 0.4mm pitch WLCSP package.

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