SMIC officially issued equity incentives to Liang Mengsong to get 400,000 shares

Not long ago, SMIC, the largest wafer foundry in China, announced the company’s first option award. Last night, SMIC announced that the board of directors has approved the issuance of restricted stocks to incentive objects.

SMIC said that the company’s board of directors reviewed and approved the “Proposal on Granting Restricted Stocks to Incentive Objects for the First Time” on the same day, and granted 67.5352 million restricted shares to 3,944 incentive objects at a grant price of 20 yuan per share.

As of July 19, the latest closing price of SMIC was 51.80 yuan, which means that the cost of the incentive stock is less than 40% of the stock price.

SMIC stated that the purpose is to further improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism, attract and retain outstanding talents, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the company’s employees, effectively combine the interests of shareholders, the company’s interests and the personal interests of the core team, so that all parties can jointly Pay attention to the long-term development of the company.

In this reward plan, the company’s chairman Zhou Zixue, vice chairman Jiang Shangyi, co-CEO Zhao Haijun, co-CEO Liang Mengsong, and board secretary Gao Yonggang were awarded 400,000 shares, and core technician Zhang Xin was awarded 320,000 shares .

400,000 shares means at least a value of more than 20 million, but SMIC recently fell sharply because of the lifting of the ban on more than 40 billion shares. When the reward was announced earlier, the value could reach more than 24 million.

It is worth noting that Wu Jingang, who was originally among the five core talents, is no longer in the list of awards. He has applied for resignation from relevant positions on July 4 and completed the resignation procedures, directly giving up the 160,000 incentive shares that will be awarded. .

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