Semikron SKM200GB123D

Semikron SKM200GB123D Semikron SKM200GB123D

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SKM200GB123D Description

Manufactured by Semikron, SKM200GB123D can generate power up to 1200V with a collector current amount of 20A. One of it’s best features is its isolated copper baseplate that is hardwired with Direct Copper Bonding Technology. This unique baseplate design guarantees that the module can function at its best even if utilized for a long period of time.

Other special features are its low inductance case, high short circuit capability, MOS input and the fast & soft inverse diodes. These components summed up to become an enhancement force in transcending the power of AC inverter drives.

With SKM200GB123D, expect your AC inverter drive to transform into an efficient, durable, and a cost-effective device. Aside from AC inverter drive, SKM200GB123D also works for UPS.


SKM200GB123D could be used in power switching applications
2IGBT: 200A1200V