Mitsubishi FX3G-2AD-BD

Mitsubishi FX3G-2AD-BD Mitsubishi FX3G-2AD-BD

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The FX3G-2AD-BD boards for analog input (hereinafter called 2AD-BD) is an expansion boards to add two analog input points.
This product is designed for use in industrial applications.
Caution for EC Directive
The analog expansion boards have been found to be compliant to the European standards in the aforesaid manual and directive. However, for the very best performance from what are in fact delicate measuring and controlled output device Mitsubishi Electric would like to make the following points;
As analog devices are sensitive by nature, their use should be considered carefully. For users of proprietary cables (integral with sensors or actuators), these users should follow those manufacturers installation requirements.
Mitsubishi Electric recommend that shielded cables should be used. If NO other EMC protection is provided, then users may experience temporary loss or accuracy between ±10 % in very heavy industrial areas.
However, Mitsubishi Electric suggest that if adequate EMC precautions are followed for the users complete control system, users should expect accuracy as specified in this manual.
• Sensitive analog cable should not be laid in the same trunking or cable conduit as high voltage cabling. Where possible users should run analog cables separately.
• Good cable shielding should be used. When terminating the shield at Earth – ensure that no earth loops are accidentally created.
• When reading analog values, EMC accuracy can be improved out by averaging the readings. This can be achieved either through functions on the analog expansion boards or through a users program in the PLC main unit.

M3×8 tapping screws for installation: 2 pcs. • Side cover • Installation Manual (This manual)