In the fight against the epidemic, Mouser Electronics fully supports the rapid supply of medical devices

February 14, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, an Electronic component distributor that focuses on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced that it will go all out to ensure the rapid supply of medical devices in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic. The outbreak of the epidemic affects the hearts of every Chinese. Countless medical workers are going against the grain. Their day and night protection is only for the safety of you and me. In this battlefield without gunpowder, I would like to express my highest respect to all medical staff respect!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Mouser Electronics has deployed the epidemic prevention and control work for the first time, fully launched 7*24 hours of delivery support, paid close attention to the medical supplies used to help treat the new coronavirus, and used for the production of emergency medical equipment. When it comes to component procurement, priority is given to stocking up, helping medical device companies restore production capacity, and fully supporting the frontline of the “epidemic” war.

At present, medical products related to the detection and treatment of new coronary pneumonia are mainly concentrated in handheld thermometers, infrared imaging monitors, CT imaging equipment, ultrasonic atomization equipment, and equipment for monitoring patients’ vital signs. Judging from the sales data, electronic components with significantly increased demand include: sensors, analog signal chains, power supplies, processors, medical audio and other key components. For a long time, Mouser Electronics has maintained close cooperation with more than 800 industry-leading original manufacturers, and has a large number of off-the-shelf products authorized by the original manufacturers. The supply of medical components and related products currently in stock mainly covers the following categories:

·Temperature/pressure/image sensor, core suppliers of agents include: TI/Maxim/Microchip/Honeywell/ON Semi

·Data conversion (data conversion module), core suppliers of agents include: ADI/TI/NXP/Maxim/Renesas

·Embedded processing and controllers (microcontroller, processor-MCU), agent core suppliers include: TI/ADI/Microchip/ST/NXP

· Embedded processing and controllers (Field Programmable Gate Array? – FPGA), agent core suppliers include: Intel

·Audio processor, core suppliers of agents include: TI/Maxim

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of marketing and business development for Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “When one party is in trouble, all parties support. The current epidemic is raging, and many medical staff are fighting on the front line regardless of personal safety. This makes us very respectful and touched. In tens of thousands In the contest between life and time, the current medical equipment resources are particularly scarce. As an enterprise, Mouser Electronics has the responsibility to give full play to its industry advantages as an electronic component distributor at this critical moment, and use faster and more Good service to help manufacturers solve the difficulties in purchasing medical devices and improve production efficiency. We will always pay attention to the epidemic situation and medical needs. In addition to the rapid supply of components, we will also provide relevant technical support for the medical field and actively participate in the fight against In the actual operation of the epidemic.”

At present, the logistics in various regions of China are affected to varying degrees by the epidemic. We update it on the official website in real time. Please go to the official website of Mouser to learn about the latest logistics control and information.


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