Hengjie Sanitary Ware “R Series Intelligent All-in-One Machine” debuts to challenge the limit of intelligent manufacturing of intelligent toilets

Foshan, Guangdong, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On March 23, 2021, Hengjie Sanitary Ware, as a representative of China’s smart toilet industry, made its debut at AWE China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo. As the only professional sanitary ware brand of AWE, Hengjie Sanitary Jie’s first exhibition attracted the attention of the audience. In the roundtable forum of “Intelligent Leading Clean World | Smart R Series New Product Launch Conference”, Mr. Ding Wei, CEO of Hengjie Group, as the representative of the brand, joined Xu Dongsheng, vice chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and vice president of Aowei Cloud.com. Guo Dejun will discuss the future development trend of smart toilet together.

Hengjie Sanitary Ware “R Series Intelligent All-in-One Machine” debuts to challenge the limit of intelligent manufacturing of intelligent toilets

It was the first time that Hengjie was invited to appear at the AWE exhibition and held a new product launch conference, which is not only an important focus of Hengjie on this industry event, but also an answer sheet handed over as a leading smart toilet enterprise. For both parties, it means a brand new intelligent manufacturing. The journey begins. Ding Wei said in his speech: “Hengjie, as the first bathroom brand invited to participate in the exhibition, took the smart toilet as a cross-border product to one of the three major international exhibitions, and the influential AWE exhibition site took the lead in cross-border. Jie’s development goal is very clear, that is, to become the first brand in China’s sanitary ware industry.

Hengjie Sanitary Ware, the pioneer of China’s smart toilets, was selected by AWE

The three key words “wisdom, technology and ecology” contain the inner logic of the future growth of AWE exhibition. As a technology trend vane and market growth boosting platform in the home furnishing industry, AWE also attaches great importance to its impact on the development of the current smart industry when selecting new categories to participate in the exhibition. When AWE added a professional brand of smart bathroom to the exhibition for the first time, it firmly chose Hengjie, which was a high recognition of its hard-core strength in intelligent and intelligent manufacturing in the field of smart toilets.

Hengjie Sanitary Ware “R Series Intelligent All-in-One Machine” debuts to challenge the limit of intelligent manufacturing of intelligent toilets

In recent years, consumers’ pursuit of quality of life has accelerated the popularization of smart bathroom products, and Hengjie has been targeting the huge market space of smart toilets many years ago, and has made forward-looking layouts. From the launch of the “smart double Q” series of smart toilets in 2016 to the release of the new R series of smart all-in-one machines in 2021, Hengjie has always insisted on focusing on the needs of users’ pain points, constantly polishing the three core functions of “flushing, washing, and hygiene”, and With the industry-leading original technology and the intelligent manufacturing process of excellence, we create products of excellent quality. Up to now, Hengjie is not only the first drafting unit of the smart toilet industry standard, but also undertakes special research work related to national and industry standards for many times, and has become a participant in the formulation of more than 60 national and industry standards, and has become China’s smart toilet category. “Forerunner”.

“The product is the work” is Hengjie’s requirement for engineers, and it is also Hengjie’s attitude in R&D, design, production and manufacturing. As Ding Wei said: “Doing a product that is truly worthy of customers will eventually win the favor of the market.” This is also confirmed by the data. “Online Data” shows that in the highly competitive mid-to-high-end market environment, the online sales of Hengjie all-in-one machines have increased year by year. Since entering the market in 2016, it has achieved an increase of 303.7%. In 2020, Hengjie intelligent all-in-one machine won the top 1 new product, accounting for 12.1% of the entire consumer market, and won a number of awards.

Double breakthroughs in intelligent technology and life aesthetics, upgrading the quality of life in buildings

With the upgrading of consumption, functions such as no water pressure restriction, water inlet filtration, waterproof level, one-key use, antibacterial sterilization and other functions of smart toilets have become the needs of various types of consumers in different home environments. Gain the favor of the high net worth consumer market. The huge market space has attracted many brands to enter the market one after another, and the phenomenon of product homogeneity has become increasingly prominent. Hengjie always believes that only products that are truly considered for user experience can finally gain the market and become the benchmark for the industry to imitate.

In order to meet the diverse needs of different sub-scenarios and different users, in recent years, Hengjie has been constantly challenging the limit of intelligent manufacturing of smart toilets. Hengjie’s new R series intelligent all-in-one machine released this time not only uses a minimalist aesthetic design in appearance, but also won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award before being listed, and is also equipped with a new water power in function. Flushing system, Hengjing sterilization 2.0 system, patent opening sensor design, intelligent positioning function for cleaning, high-frequency pulse massage and flushing function, and efficient dual deodorization module. It is worth mentioning that the R series intelligent all-in-one machine also uses humanized operation methods including one-button knob, remote control, and Hengjie Zhilian bathroom system for the first time, which also sets a better model for the digital development of the bathroom industry. .

For the launch of new products, Ding Wei said frankly: “Good products and good brands must firmly grasp the consumer experience. Hengjie always adheres to the needs and pain points of domestic consumers, and sets up projects in turn, and seeks industry leaders nationwide and even globally. Professional and technical personnel, fully support innovation and research and development. The new R series intelligent all-in-one machine is on the market, with high technical content and strong problem-solving ability, achieving a double breakthrough in technology and design. This is not only a demonstration of the strength of Hengjie’s single series, It is also the presentation of the intelligent and intelligent manufacturing strength of the entire bathroom industry.”

Mr. Xu Dongsheng, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, also said frankly at the press conference: “At present, the penetration rate of smart toilet covers in my country is only about 5%, and the first-line industry is about 10%, and the market space is huge. How to seize this historical opportunity and promote The development and growth of China’s smart bathroom industry requires the joint efforts of the entire industry, and more needs the efforts and contributions of more smart bathroom experts like Hengjie, who are dedicated and dedicated to making every product with the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation and wisdom.”

A few years ago, China’s sanitary ware industry was hit by the “pain point” of Japan’s toilet cover, which also made more companies realize that only innovative supply can activate and meet multi-level consumer demand. After years of hard work, my country’s smart bathroom industry has risen rapidly. Hengjie has grown into a representative brand of China’s smart toilet industry with its forward-looking layout and dedication to R&D innovation. This time, Hengjie, as the first professional sanitary ware brand to appear at the AWE exhibition, is a milestone for the entire sanitary ware industry. 2021 will also become the first year of the explosive growth of smart sanitary ware. As a giant in the smart toilet industry, Hengjie is also worth looking forward to in the future.

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