Heavy!Huawei has 10,000 people working on lidar

This morning, the 12th Automotive Blue Book Forum opened in Wuhan.

Wang Jun, President of Huawei’s Smart Car Solutions BU, said in the discussion on “Embrace the Future, Real Changes and Create New Cars” that there are no traditional companies and new forces in the automotive industry. Whether it is a fuel vehicle or an electric vehicle, it must become intelligent.

Wang Jun talked about Huawei’s two ways of playing in the automotive field.

First, Huawei will use ICT technology to create components with better performance and lower prices.

Huawei will use more advanced 5G technology to manufacture millimeter-wave radar, which will greatly improve the performance of millimeter-wave radar, and even make it reach the performance of 32-line lidar, and the price is much lower than lidar.

Wang Jun revealed that Huawei has an optoelectronic technology research center in Wuhan, with a total of more than 10,000 people. The center is developing lidar technology, and the goal is to quickly develop a 100-line lidar in the short term. In the future, there are plans to reduce the cost of lidar to $200 (about 1,390 yuan), or even $100 (about 695 yuan).

The second is to develop the underlying software on a large scale. In Wang Jun’s view, the underlying software provided by Huawei will help car companies develop cars faster and accelerate their product iteration, which is a product that car companies desperately need.

Wang Jun also mentioned a point of view, that is, models with a price of 300,000 to 500,000 will become fast-moving consumer goods in the future. More affluent consumers switch cars quickly to experience new technologies and features.

At present, companies such as Google, Baidu, Audi, Ford, and BMW are gradually using lidar perception solutions, which have become the most basic configuration in driverless technology.



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