Foreign media: Samsung Electronics has not resumed work at its US semiconductor plant after a month of shutdown!

According to industry sources quoted by Yonhap News Agency, Samsung Electronics’ Austin semiconductor factory in the United States has not resumed production since it was suspended due to a cold wave on February 16, local time. It is the first time that its production line has been shut down for more than a month, and the loss is expected to reach 400 billion won (approximately 400 billion won). 2.3 billion yuan).

According to reports, the strongest cold wave in history hit Texas last month, causing widespread power outages, and the Samsung Electronics wafer foundry in Austin, Texas, was forced to shut down. At present, the water and electricity supply has been restored, but the factory is still testing equipment to prepare for resumption of work. In order to reduce losses and resume production as soon as possible, Samsung Electronics has urgently dispatched technicians to the Austin factory.

According to the report, Samsung Electronics’ Austin factory mainly produces mobile APs, high-performance solid-state drive (SSD) controllers, Display driver ICs and other IT equipment semiconductor products and communication semiconductor products based on 14-65nm process. Some analysts believe that the production shutdown will also affect the production of IT products such as 5G mobile communication smartphones and SSDs worldwide.

The report also pointed out that the amount of damage is also expected to increase as the factory shutdown continues for a long time. According to an analysis by a researcher at Yuanta Securities in South Korea, the loss of wafer production caused by the shutdown of the Austin factory is about 400 billion won. Samsung Electronics has not yet decided when to resume work. The company said that it is checking equipment and doing all it can to restart the factory.


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