Congratulations!Gekewei, successful IPO, raised 6.96 billion yuan to build a 12-inch factory

On November 6, according to the results of the 98th review meeting of the Science and Technology Innovation Board Listing Committee in 2020 released by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Geke Micro Co., Ltd. had the first IPO meeting.

According to the data, Gekewei is one of the world’s leading semiconductor and integrated circuit design companies. Its main business is the research and development, design and sales of CMOS image sensors and Display driver chips. The company currently mainly provides CMOS image sensors from QVGA (80,000 pixels) to 13 million pixels and LCD driver chips with resolutions between QQVGA and FHD. Consumer electronics and industrial applications including computers, wearable devices, mobile payments, automotive electronics, etc.

At present, Geke Micro has become the world’s leading supplier of CMOS image sensors. According to Frost & Sullivan statistics, according to the statistics of shipments, in 2019, the company achieved 1.31 billion CMOS image sensor shipments, accounting for 20.7% of the global market share. It ranks second in the industry; in terms of sales, in 2019, the company’s CMOS image sensor sales revenue reached 3.19 billion yuan, ranking eighth in the world.

Raised 6.96 billion yuan to build a 12-inch CIS project

After deducting the issuance expenses, the funds raised by Gekewei’s initial public offering will be invested in the following projects:

Gekewei said that the use of the company’s raised funds this time is based on the main business. Among them, the 12-inch CIS integrated circuit characteristic process research and development and industrialization project ensures the supply of 12-inch BSI wafers through “self-built production lines and segmented processing” in the context of the tightening global supply of BSI wafers. The independent and controllable key production steps of the CIS special process consolidate and enhance the company’s market position and comprehensive competitiveness.

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