Commvault helps Xinhe Group improve its data management capabilities and maximize the value of data

Beijing, China, October 29, 2019-Commvault (Nasdaq: CVLT), a global service provider in the field of data backup and recovery, provided Yantai Xinhe Enterprise Food Co., Ltd. with data backup, recovery and management solutions. Assist it to enhance the reliability of data backup and recovery, greatly improve its data management capabilities, and provide strong support for business data growth.

Yantai Xinhe Enterprise Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and has now developed into a food manufacturing enterprise with a variety of best-selling condiments, serving 40 million families around the world. With business development, Xinhe Group has deployed a wide range of applications and IT platforms, including a series of databases to support hundreds of terabytes of data. However, the amount of data continues to grow, exceeding the backup window; more than 200 TB of data is scattered on multiple platforms including SAP, VMware, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and AWS, resulting in a lack of centralized management of data protection; in addition, for critical systems The regulatory requirements for RTO and RTO are more stringent, making Xinhe Group face greater challenges.

Therefore, Xinhe Group chose to deploy Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery to simplify its data backup and recovery work. After deployment, the RTO and RPO of Xinhe Group’s key systems were reduced from 8 hours and 12 hours to 2 hours, respectively, a reduction of 75% and 84%; at the same time, the core database backup time was shortened to within 30 minutes; through the global deduplication function, The full backup volume of each terabyte of data is compressed to about 100GB, which greatly saves storage costs. At the same time, the fully automated operation process of the Commvault solution greatly reduces the workload of IT staff, enabling it to shift to more strategic projects. These improvements have helped Xinhe Group to improve the service level of its internal systems, as well as the service levels of multiple supply chain cloud applications built for production, wholesale, and retail partners.

Commvault software can be integrated with AWS’s Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3 & S3-IA), Amazon Glacier, and AWS Snowball (Snowball), etc. Integration to help enterprise customers who adopt AWS meet their data management needs and help optimize the process of migrating local workloads to AWS. In addition, Commvault provides source and target compression and deduplication functions, so it can minimize the workload on Amazon EC2 during backup and/or archive operations, and greatly reduce network bandwidth and storage consumption.

Xia Jundong, senior manager of IT platform management of Xinhe Group, said: “Through Commvault and AWS solutions, we don’t need to deploy servers and storage resources in remote data centers. We only need to deploy backup data to Amazon S3 for disaster recovery, and use Amazon S3 to expand capacity on demand. Ability and flexible pricing mechanism to effectively control storage costs.”

In order to better support data analysis, Xinhe Group deployed Commvault Activate to conduct keyword search and content analysis on its more than 30 million files, and make full use of its rich data assets to explore new opportunities to maximize the value of data and support Business growth of the company. This is also an important reason why Xinhe chose Commvault software.

Xia Jundong, senior manager of IT platform management of Xinhe Group, said: “The primary reason we chose Commvault is that Commvault is very forward-looking in terms of market strategy. Any expansion. Commvault also ensures that any important files can be restored after major changes in the system. Now we can easily and conveniently query and use any backup copy created before the release of the new function, which is something that our previous backup solution could not do. .”

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