Graphcore announces the results of the first MLPerf submission, with AI performance firmly in the leading position

July 1, 2021, Beijing — Today Graphcore (Jianwei Technology) officially announced the results of the first MLPerf™ submission it participated in. Graphcore’s products performed well and its AI performance was firmly in the leading position. MLPerf is the most recognized comparative benchmark in the AI ​​industry. The test results show…

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Biren Technology completed the Pre-B round of financing: the cumulative financing is nearly 2 billion yuan

According to the company intelligence expert “Financial Graffiti”, Biren Technology, an 11-month-old general smart chip design company, recently announced the completion of the Pre-B round of financing. This round was led by Hillhouse Ventures, followed by well-known investment institutions such as Yunjiu Capital, Gaorong Capital, Jinpu Technology Fund, Cornerstone Capital,…

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Application design based on high-performance ADC front-end to achieve a complete set of standard functions

“ADCs need to have adequate signal acquisition analog interfaces to gain performance. Traditional general-purpose ADC front ends include multiple differential input channels, digitally programmable gain, and track-and-hold functionality. This Design Idea presents a complete new high-performance, low-component-count ADC front-end that implements a complete set of standard functions (Figure 1). “…

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